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Sell Your Property

Nothing makes us happier than handing over the keys to new owners. Our experience and commitment to connecting the right people to the best property is not without its challenge but we understand the needs and wants of both buyer and seller.
Trust us to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Having a reputable real estate agent is crucial when selling your property for several key reasons:

Market Expertise: As reputable agents, we have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. We can provide valuable insights into pricing, market trends, and the best strategies for selling your property.

Network and Contacts: Having been in the business for many years we have gained a lot of experience with an extensive network of contacts, including potential buyers, other real estate professionals, and service providers. This network can be instrumental in finding the right buyer for your property.

Negotiation Skills: Reputable agents are skilled negotiators. We have extensive international negotiating experience gained from David’s 10 years as Sales Director for Paramount Pictures where he was responsible for negotiating sales in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Our team has also successfully negotiated local sales in real estate for over 15 years.  We can negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible price for your property, ensuring that you get the most value out of the sale.

Marketing Expertise: Established agents know how to effectively market properties. We can create targeted marketing plans, use various channels such as real estate platforms, social media, email blasts and other mediums to promote your listing, and showcase your property’s unique features to attract potential buyers.

Time and Convenience: Selling a property can be a time-consuming process, involving tasks like marketing, showings, negotiations, and paperwork. As the appointed Agent, we would take on these responsibilities, saving you time and effort while managing the process professionally for you.

Legal Knowledge: Real estate transactions involve complex legal documents and contracts. Reputable agents have a strong understanding of these documents, and we can ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and in compliance with local regulations.

Objective Advice: An agent can provide objective advice based on their experience and market knowledge. We have been working in all areas or real estate on the island since 2007. We have a specialist experience in selling villas, residential homes, plantation properties and we can offer guidance on pricing, staging, and any necessary repairs or improvements to maximize your property’s appeal.

Emotional Buffer: Selling a property can be an emotional process. We act as a buffer between you and potential buyers, helping to keep negotiations professional and constructive. We do this for a living so we are well versed on what to expect and what to do should a potential purchaser prove to be a little more creative than you’d expect.

Market Exposure: Reputable agents have access to, online platforms, marketing channels and international outlets. We have dealt with many overseas clients over the years and having bought and sold properties personally in the UK we are particularly well versed with the buying and selling process in the UK and Canada. This broad exposure increases the visibility of your property and attracts a wider pool of potential buyers.

Problem-Solving Skills: Should any issues or challenges arise during the selling process, a reputable agent is equipped to handle them. We can provide solutions and navigate any hurdles that may arise.

Fiduciary Responsibility: A reputable agent is bound by a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. We are committed to representing you ethically and ensuring that your interests are protected throughout the transaction.

Overall, having a reputable real estate agent by your side provides expertise, support, and peace of mind throughout the selling process. Our knowledge, experience, and network can significantly enhance your chances of a successful and profitable property sale.

Costs involved in Selling a property

  • Attorney Fees – Approximately 1% – 2.5% plus 17.5% VAT
  • Agent’s Fees – between 4 and 5% plus 17.5% VAT
  • Transfer Tax: Unimproved property – 2.5% of the Purchase price; Improved property – first $150,000 exempt. 2.5% on the excess
  • Stamp Duty – 1% of the Purchase price

Steps involved in selling a property in Barbados

Selling a property in Barbados involves several steps, similar to the process in many other locations. Coombes & Co. can help and guide you each step along the way to the purchase of your dream property.

Here’s an outline:

  1. Appoint a Real Estate Agent:
    • Select an Agent: Choose a reputable real estate agent to represent and market the property.
    • Listing Agreement: Sign a listing agreement outlining terms, commissions, and duration.
  2. Prepare the Property:
    • Home Staging: Make necessary repairs, declutter, and stage the property to enhance its appeal.
    • Curb Appeal: Improve the property’s exterior to create a positive first impression.
  3. Pricing Strategy:
    • Market Analysis: Conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the property’s market value.
    • Set the Price: Set a competitive yet realistic price based on the analysis and current market trends.
  4. Marketing the Property:
    • Photography, Videos and Drone videos: Capture high-quality images and videos showcasing the property’s best features.
    • Online Listings: Advertise the property on various online platforms, including real estate websites and social media.
    • Print Advertising: Utilize print media like brochures, flyers, and local publications to reach potential buyers. (normally for high end properties)
    • Open Houses and Showings: Organize open houses and private showings to attract interested buyers.
  5. Negotiate Offers:
    • Receive Offers: Review and negotiate offers from potential buyers.
    • Acceptance: Once an acceptable offer is made, accept it and sign a purchase agreement.
  6. Due Diligence and Closing:
    • Inspections and Appraisals: assist in arranging inspections and appraisals as required by the buyer.
    • Complete Legal Requirements: Guide vendor on fulfilling all legal obligations, including title searches, disclosures, and any necessary permits.
    • Closing Process: Finalize the sale by signing closing documents and transferring ownership.
  7. Completion and Handover:
    • Closing Costs: Explain closing costs or taxes associated with the sale.
    • Property Handover: Assist with completing the transfer of ownership and hand over the property to the new owner.

Throughout this process, it’s essential to work closely with a qualified real estate agent like Coombes & Co. who understands the local market and can guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and successful sale.

Choosing Coombes & Co., a boutique Real Estate broker offers a more personalized experience compared to a larger brokerage, ensuring tailored attention, specialized expertise, and a deeper focus on individual client needs. We provide sellers with confidence and reassurance at every stage of the process.

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