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The Top 8 Reasons to Remodel or Upgrading your kitchen

The Kitchen is considered the “Heart of the home”, a place where family and friends congregate and if you are a “Foodie”, it is where you create your masterpieces.

  1. Improve Functionality and Efficiency

There are many ways to improve the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. Whether it’s by installing new appliances with more useful and energy saving features, cabinets with more efficient storage or countertops that require less cleaning and maintenance.  Knocking down a wall so that you can add more counter space, installing a kitchen island or implementing universal design features, such as making use of a wall oven instead of a traditional oven, just to name a few option that can make your kitchen easy to care for and result in a functional area that doesn’t require constant upkeep.

  1. Create More Storage

Installing storage solutions during your remodel allows you to organize and declutter your kitchen.   Storage space is essential in a kitchen. Without proper storage space, your countertops are going to become cluttered and less efficient. You can add storage space in many different ways, whether it’s by extending your cabinets up to the ceilings, building new cabinets, adding a kitchen island or pantry or even installing shelves on the walls.

  1. Improved Safety

Considering the use of heat, gas, and electricity in the kitchen, safety should be of utmost importance. Simply upgrading old appliances can help improve the kitchen’s safety significantly. Stoves can emit toxic pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide. By installing appliances such as a range hood, you can eliminate these harmful contaminants, so your kitchen air is safe. You can also consider installing other safety features during your remodel as well, such as slip-resistant flooring, proper lighting, and accessible storage space for a fire extinguisher.

  1. Increased and more Usable Space

Kitchens are generally used by many members of the family.  So, planning different spaces for little cooks as well as grown up ones should be considered and planned for in a remodel.  Space and task lighting is essential for a kitchen, whether you need more of it or you need to improve your use of it. A lack of space can make it difficult to get around in the kitchen, especially if one or more persons are using it. A remodel can extend the space of the kitchen or make better use of it by redesigning the layout.

  1. Increased Comfort

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making sure it’s comfortable is important, whether it’s by adding extra seating or building a small dining area.  You can also  incorporate various elements to improve your kitchen’s comfort, such as an updraft ventilation system and windows to optimize airflow and natural light. Proper ventilation can improve a kitchen’s air quality and provide relief from allergies—or just the powerful smells of your latest meal—even if you love curries, you probably don’t want to smell it all through your home.

  1. Better Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Installing new appliances can help to reduce the use of energy throughout the kitchen, thereby helping to reduce energy costs, which can help you to save a substantial amount of money over the long run. Switch to energy-efficient LEDs, which use about 70% less energy than standard light bulbs. Other energy-efficient upgrades include low-flow faucets to decrease water usage or a tankless hot water system that heats your kitchen’s water on-demand. You can make your kitchen more sustainable by using eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, reclaimed wood or recycled materials, for your floors, cabinets, and countertops.

  1. Give Your Kitchen a More Modern Appearance

Making a few changes can significantly improve the look of your kitchen. You can simply replace or paint your cabinet doors and buy more modern fittings for a cheap quick fix.   By renovating your kitchen space, you improve the look of your home and give it a more modern appearance that fits current design trends while remaining inviting for family and guests.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home 

Remodelling your kitchen is an investment that can really give a great Return on Investment, since it can increase your home’s value and make it more desirable for buyers. Potential buyers care about kitchens—70% of relators claim a quality kitchen is the biggest selling point a home can have.

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